Courier Assessment   


    The following courier companies are authorised to clear the courier consignments at Bangalore International Airport.

  1. DHL Worldwide Express (India) Pvt Ltd   - Customer care -   
  2. Federal Express (India) Pvt Ltd                                                   
18002001345 / 18002001345
  3. UPS Jetair Express (P) Ltd
  4. TNT India Pvt Ltd
  5. Budget Couriers Pvt Ltd
  6. U.B.Xpress (south) Pvt Ltd
  7. Mas Express
  8. SafeLine Logistics Pvt Ltd
  9. Esquire Express India Pvt Ltd
10. Sar Worldwide Logistics Pvt Ltd
11. Aramex India Pvt Ltd                                    
 Customer Care - 
12. Linehaul Express (I) Pvt Ltd                                                               
13. Everest International Xpress
14. Time Express (I) Pvt Ltd
15. Rajab Logistics
16. See Breeze Couriers
17. Blue Dart Express Ltd                                   

18. Prakash Air Freight Pvt Ltd                                                          
19. Royale Asia Couriers Pvt Ltd
20. DPD Continental Pvt Ltd


Grievances  :  -  080-66785640



Disclaimer :  The information provided herein is not indicative of the current status of the consignment.  For status of your consignment,  you may contact your authorised courier.