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101/12/2016 Air Public Notice No.32/2016 dtd.01.12.2016 Reducing / eliminating printouts in customs clearance reg.
221/11/2016 Air Public Notice No.30/2016 dated 21.11.2016 Incorrect simultaneous issuances of dual benefit of zero duty EPCG and SHIS to exporters under the FTP 200914 option providing flexibility to return either benefit.
304/11/2016 Air Public Notice No.29/2016 dated 04.11.2016 Discontinuation of practice of making manual debits on physical copy of Advance Authorizations registered at EDI customs port.
412/09/2016 Air Public Notice No. 23/2016 dtd.12.09.2016 Guidelines on safety and security of premises where imported or export goods are loaded, unloaded, handled or stored reg.
512/09/2016 Air Public Notice No.24/2016 dtd.12.09.2016 Courier bond executed CCSPs Reg.
618/08/2016 Air Amendment to Public Notice No.25/2015 dtd.28.12.2015 Customs Valuation of second hand Machinery
716/08/2016 Air Public Notice No.22/2016 dtd.16.08.2016 Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs,EHTPs etc., Amendment to Notification 52/2003 Customs dated 31.03.2003
801/08/2016 Air Public Notice No.21/2016 dtd.01.08.2016 Review of entity based facilitation programme viz. Accredited Client ProgrammeACP and Authorized Economic OperatorAEOprogramme Revised Guidelines Reg.
929/06/2016 Air Public Notice No.20/2016 dtd. 29.06.2016 Single Window Project Simplification of procedure in SWIFT for clearance of consignments related to drugs cosmetics reg
1017/06/2016 Air Public Notice No18/2016 dtd.17.06.2016 Procedure to be followed by nominated agencies importing gold/silver/platinum under the scheme for Export Against Supply by Nominated Agencies.
1110/06/2016 Air Public Notice No.16/2016 dtd.10.06.2016 Maintenance of records to warehoused goods in electronic form, filing of Returns and acknowledgment of receipt of goods.
1214/06/2016 Air Public Notice No.17/2016 dtd.14.06.2016 Form of application for a Licence under Public Warehousing Regulations 2016/ Private warehousing Regulations/ Special Warehousing Regulations 2016.
1301/06/2016 Air Public Notice No.16/2016 dtd.01.06.2016 Compliance of Standard UQC
1401/06/2016 Air Public Notice No.14/2016 dtd.01.06.2016 Compliance of Standard UQC
1510/05/2016 Air Amendment to Public Notice Public No.22/2015 dated 28.12.2015 Valuation of second hand machinery
1615/04/2016 Air Public Notice No.12/2016 Procedure of renewal of SVB orders and ongoing SVB inquiries under Circular No.11/2001Cus dated 23.02.2011.
1715/04/2016 Air Public Notice No.13/2016 Procedure for investigation of SVB of related party import cases other cases by the Special Valuation Branches.
1822/03/2016 Air Establishment Order no.02/2016 Transfer and postings in the Grade of Additional /Joint Commissioner of Customs.
1930/03/2016 Air Instructions No.01/2016 Prevention of use of nongenuine transferable duty credit scrips of DFIAduty free import authorisations
2022/03/2016 Air Public Notice No.11/2016 Implementation of single window and integrated declaration of bill of entry for imports.
2122/02/2016 Air Public Notice No.10/2016 Payment of Refund/ Rebate through epayment.
2219/02/2016 Air Public Notice No.09/2016 All Industry of Duty Drawback amendments effective 11.02.2016.
2322/02/2016 Air Public Notice No.08/2016 Transshipment of Courier shipments to other Customs stations.
2428/01/2016 Air Amendment to Public Notice No.22/2015 Valuation of second hand machinery.
2505/02/2016 Air Public Notice No. 07/2016 Monitoring of Export Proceeds.
2602/02/2016 Air Public Notice No. 05/2016 Clearance of Livestock and Livestock products.
2703/02/2016 Air Public Notice No.06/2016 Mobile app and Facebook page launched
2820/01/2016 Air Public Notice No.04/2016 ... Implementation of DGFT Notification prohibiting import of mobile phones with duplicate, fake and nongenuine IMEI.
2914/01/2016 Air Public Notice No.03/2016 Introduction of Electronic Messaging System for issuance of Delivery Order Online DOat Air Cargo Complex, Bengaluru.
3011/01/2016 Air Public Notice No.02/2016 Empanelment of local competent authorities for health certification of ornamental fish.
3111/01/2016 Air Public Notice No.01/2016 Initiative towards good governance.





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