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118/12/2020 Air Public Notice No.56/2020 dated 18.12.2020 AEO _Details required in the solvency certificate to be furnished from the Chartered Accountant along with AEO applications _AEO_T2 T3 and LO Reg.
213/11/2020 Air Public Notice No.55/2020 dated 11.11.2020 Faceless Assessment _ Nodal Officer for Turant Suvidha Kendra.
328/10/2020 Air Public Notice No.53/2020 dated 03.10.2020 Amending circular 38/2016 on Guidelines for Provisional Assessment under Section 18 of the Customs Act 1962.
422/10/2020 Air Public Notice No.54/2020 dated 21.10.2020 Faceless Assessment _Nodal Officer
519/09/2020 Air Public Notice No.52/2020 dated 19.09.2020 Streamlining of UQCs in Export Declarations _ Certain relaxations to license SBs.
618/09/2020 Air Public Notice No.51/2020 dated 51/2020 dated 18.09.2020 Manufacturing and other operations in Warehouse Regulations (MOOWR)and Waiver of interest _ Changes in ICES. Reg.
718/09/2020 Air Public Notice No.50/2020 dated 18.09.2020 Capturing additional details for Certificate of Origin (COO) as per Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements) Rules,2020 in Bill of Entry.
817/09/2020 Air Public Notice No.49/2020 dated 17.09.2020 Auto Let Export Order under Express Cargo Clearance System (ECCS)
926/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.46/2020 dated 26.08.2020 Revised guidelines for conduct of personal hearings in virtual mode under CGST Act, 2017, IGST Act 2017, Customs Act, 1962 Central Excise Act, 1944 and Chapter V of Finance Act 1994.
1026/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.48/2020 dated 26.08.2020 Designating official email ID of Office of Principal Commissioner of Customs, Airport and Air Cargo Complex Commissionerate, Bengaluru.
1126/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.47/2020 dated 26.08.2020 Launch of e_office in o/o the Airport and Air Cargo Complex Commissionerate,Bengaluru Customs w.e.f. 26.08.2020.
1219/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.45/2020 dated 19.08.2020 Streamlining of UQCs in Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.
1317/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.44/2020 dated 17.08.2020 Rollout of CSB IV in Express Cargo Clearance System _ ECCS.
1414/08/2020 Air Public Notice No.43/2020 dated 14.08.2020 Revised procedure for Import of Pets / Live Animals.
1522/07/2020 Air Public Notice No. 42/2020 dated 22.07.2020 Rollout of CSB V in Express Cargo Clearance System ECCS.
1622/07/2020 Air Public Notice No.41/2020 dated 22.07.2020 Regulation of Import of live stock and Livestock products under Livestock Importation Act 1898 as amended Revised Testing Requirement.
1721/07/2020 Air Public Notice No.40/2020 dated 21.07.2020 Monitoring of Export obligation under EPCG/AA Schemes and obligations under other bonds.
1816/07/2020 Air Public Notice No.39/2020 dated 16.07.2020 Introduction of IGST Refund Module for Exports in ECCS Application.
1909/07/2020 Air Public Notice No.38/2020 dated 09.07.2020 Special drive in Investigation of SVB cases.
2006/07/2020 Air Public Notice No.37/2020 dated 06.07.2020 Streamlining of processes in System related to Bonds and First Check BsE.
2130/06/2020 Air Public Notice No.36/2020 dated 30.06.2020 Paperless Customs Electronic Communication of PDF based copies of Shipping Bill and e_Gatepass to Custom Brokers / Exporters.
2224/06/2020 Air Public Notice No.35/2020 ECCS Migration to CBIC data centre.
2320/06/2020 Air Public Notice No.34/2020 dated 20.06.2020 Implementation of Express Cargo Clearance System _ ECCS_ for the clearance of export goods at Courier Terminal of Bengaluru Airport and Air Cargo Commissionerate Amendment to Public Notice No.26/2020 dated 11.05.2020.
2417/06/2020 Air Public Notice No. 33/2020 dated 17.06.2020 Transshipment of courier shipments to other Customs Airports - Amendment to Public Notice.
2501/06/2020 Air Public Notice No.32/2020 dated 01.06.2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period Section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962.
2629/05/2020 Air Public Notice No. 31/2020 dated 29.05.2020 ICES Advisory 17/2020 Further measures to make bill of entry amendments process contactless and paperless and providing of ICETABS to shed officers.
2726/05/2020 Air Public Notice No. 30/2020 dated 26.05.2020 ICES Advisory 17/2020 Further measures to make bill of entry amendments process contactless and paperless.
2821/05/2020 Air Public Notice No.29/2020 Instructions for Assessment/Examination of FOC / NCV goods.
2913/05/2020 Air Public Notice No.28/2020 dated 13.05.2020 IGST Error codes and rectification methods Frequently Asked Questions.
3012/05/2020 Air Public Notice No.27/2020 dated 12.05.2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period Section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962.
3111/05/2020 Air Public Notice No.26/2020 dated 11.05.2020 Implementation of Express Cargo Clearance System ECCS for the clearance of export goods at Courier Terminal of Bengaluru Airport and Air Cargo Commissionerate.
3201/05/2020 Air Public Notice No.25/2020 datd 01.05.2020 - Requirement of new LUT for financial year 2019-2020-regarding.
3328/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.23/2020 dated 28.04.2020 Guidelines for conduct of personal hearings in virtual mode under Customs Act 1962.
3428/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.24/2020 dated 28.04.2020 Request to Importers to clear consignments and take delivery without delay.
3527/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.22/2020 dated 27.04.2020 Contact details of officers associated with special refund and drawback disposal drive.
3624/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.21/2020 dated 24.04.2020 Drawback special measures for liquidation of Drawback claims pending on account of non receipt of test reports of samples, EGM not filed and errors and others.
3723/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.20/2020 dated 23.04.2020 IGST refunds on exports extension in SB005 alternate mechanism.
3823/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.19/2020 dated 23.04.2020 Review of Circular No.17/2020 dated 03.04.2020 namely, Measures to facilitate trade during the lockdown period Section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962.
3917/04/2020 Air Public Notice No. 18/2020 dated 17.04.2020 Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period Section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962.
4016/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.17/2020 dated 16.04.2020 Special drive for clearance of Customs Refunds and Customs Drawback claims.
4116/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.16/2020 dated 16.04.2020 Extension of tile limits under Customs Act 1962 and Rules and Regulations issued there under.
4215/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.15/2020 dated 15.04.2020 Paperless Customs Electronic Communication of PDF based Gatepass and OOC copy of Bill of Entry to Custom Brokers / Importers.
4308/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.14/2020 dated 08.04.2020 - 24/7 Clearance - Extension of examination, assessment and clearance under Air Customs Bengaluru till 30.06.2020 - reg
4403/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.13/2020 dated 03/04/2020 - Request for Amendments and waiver of Late Fee Charges in the Bills of Entry through e-mail procedure during outbreak of COVID-19 - reg
4501/04/2020 Air Public Notice No.12/2020 dated 01/04/2019 - Option to avail Section 49 facility during the COVID-19 crisis period - reg
4626/03/2020 Air Public Notice No.11/2020 dated 26.03.2020 - 24/7 Clearance - Extension of Examination, Assessment, Clearance till 31/05/2020 - reg
4718/03/2020 Air Public Notice No.10/2020 dated 18/03/2020 - IGST Refunds - Pendency Clearance Drive
4820/03/2020 Air Public Notice No.09/2020 dated 20.03.2020 Terminal handling charges.
4912/03/2020 Air Public Notice No.08/2020 dated 12.03.2020 Transhipment of courier shipment to other Customs Airports.
5006/03/2020 Air Public Notice No. 07/2020 dated 06.03.2020 Amendment in export policy of personal protection equipment / mask.
5102/03/2020 Air Public Notice No.06/2020 dated 02.03.2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All-India-Basis.
5215/02/2020 Air Public Notice 04/2020 dated 15.02.2020 Additional information to be furnished in shipping bill w.e.f 15.02.2020.
5327/02/2020 Air Public Notice No.05/2020 Help Desk for assistance in clearance of import goods from China.
5424/02/2020 Air Public Notice No.03/2020 dated 24.02.2020 Standard Operating Procedure SOP to be followed by Exporters.
5511/02/2020 Air Public Notice No.02/2020 dated 11.02.2020 Auto out of charge under Express Cargo Clearance System ECCS
5625/01/2020 Air Public Notice No. 01/2020 Disposal of Drawback claims pending for query replies.





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