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124/12/2021 Air Public Notice No.39/2021 AP and ACC dated 24.12.2021 Changes to the Harmonized system with a total of 351 amendments at the six digit level_ w.e.f 01.01.2022
214/12/2021 Air Public Notice No.38/2021 dated 14.12.2021 Standard operating procedure for disposal of un_claimed / un_cleared cargo under Section 48 of the Customs Act 1962 lying with the custodians.
329/11/2021 Air Public Notice No.37/2021 dated 22.11.2021 Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies _ RoSCTL_ Scheme on export of apparel / garments / made_ups w.e.f 01.01.2021.
429/11/2021 Air Public Notice No. 36/2021 dated 17.11.2021 M/s Express Industry Council of India _ Customs Area
529/11/2021 Air Public Notice No.35/2021 dated 17.11.2021 M/s Express Industry Council of India
616/11/2021 Air Public Notice No.33/2021 AP and ACC BLR dated 02.11.2021 M/s FedEx Express Transportation and Supply Chain Services Private Limited located at Plot No. C_19, Express Cargo Terminal, Devanahalli, Bengaluru as Customs Area.
716/11/2021 Air Public Notice No.32/2021 AP and ACC BLR dated 02.11.2021 Grant of custodianship to M/s FedEx Express Transportation and Supply Chain Services Private Limited up to 01.11.2023.
810/11/2021 City Public Notice No.34/2021 dated 08.11.2021 Scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes Exported Products RoDTEP w.e.f 01.01.2021.
901/11/2021 Air Public Notice No.31/2021 dated 30.10.2021 Extension of facility of 24X7 customs clearance.
1029/10/2021 Air Public Notice No.30/2021 AP and ACC dated 28.10.2021 Quick disposal of Drawback claims pending for query reply.
1127/10/2021 Air Public Notice No.29/2021 dated 25.10.2021 Designation of Appellate Authority / CPIO
1209/09/2021 Air Public Notice No.28/2021 Ap and ACC dated 09.09.2021 Submission of Application for fixation of Special Brand Rate of Drawback under Rule 7(1) of the Customs, Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 2017 read with Section 75 of the Customs Act 1962 and request for condonation of delay in filing the drawback applications.
1306/08/2021 Air Public Notice No.27/2021 dated 06.08.2021 Formation of Panel of Approved Valuers Appointment for valuing Gold, silver, jewellery, precious stones and valuable articles etc.
1422/07/2021 Air Public Notice No.26/2021 dated 22.07.2021 calrification regarding applicability of IGST on repair cost, insurance and freight, on goods reimported after being exported for repairs, on the recommendations of the GST Council made in its 43rd meeting.
1516/07/2021 Air Public Notice No.25/2021 AP and ACC dated 16.07.2021 Review of Customs Notifications _ Seeking suitable inputs.
1630/07/2021 Air Public Notice No.24/2021 AP and ACC dated 30.06.2021 Forwarding of samples using electronic Test Memo to CRCL and other Revenue Laboratories.
1728/05/2021 Air Public Notice No.23/2021 dated 28.05.2021 DIN - 20210572MP000002090E - Procedure for obtaining Special Warehouse License under Section 58 A of Customs Act, 1962 regarding.
1819/05/2021 Air Public Notice No.22/2021 dated 19.05.2021 DIN DIN20210572MP0000777D54 - Changes introduced through the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate Of Duty) Amendment Rules, 2021- REG.
1915/05/2021 Air Public Notice No.21/2021 dated 15.05.2021 - Special drive for clearance of Customs Refunds and Customs Drawback claims- Reg.
2010/05/2021 Air Public Notice No.20/2021 dated 10.05.2021 - DIN.20210572MP0000511396 - IGST Scroll failures due to invalid IFSC Code
2110/05/2021 Air PUblic Notice No.19/2021 dated 10.05.2021 - DIN-20210572MP000041994D - Trade Facilitation Measures to facilitate trade during the lockdown period upto June 2021 - in terms of Section 143AA of the Customs Act, 1962 in Airport and ACC
2210/05/2021 Corrigendum to Air Public Notice No.14/2021 dated 20.04.2021 - DIN.20210572MP0000000DDS - Appointment of approved Values for valuing Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Precious Stones and Valuable Articles etc., - Calling for Nomination
2329/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.18/2021 dated 29.04.2021 Import of Covid related Goods at ACC Bengaluru _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance.
2428/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.17/2021 dated 28.04.2021 Operationalization of MEIS rewards in ICES for e_commerce exports and clarification on scheme code for ROSL.
2523/04/2021 Air Public Notice 16/2021 dated 23.04.2021 Import of Covid related goods _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance and safe guard against unscrupulous Importers.
2621/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.15/2021 dated 21.04.2021 Miscellaneous functionalities / changes enabled in communicating ICES Advisory on Amend Role in ICES to Re_transmit Rbi _EDPMS_ Discontinuation of Printing Examination Instruction in First copy of Bill of entry Inclusion of Indo Mauritius CEPA under CAROTAR.
2720/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.14/2021 dated 20.04.2021 Appointment of approved Valuers for valuing Gold _ Silver _ Jewellery _ Precious stones and valuable articles etc _ Calling for nomination.
2801/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.13/2021 dt.31.03.2021 Filing of Advance Bill of entry under Section 46 of Customs Act 1962 Amended vide Finance Act 2021.
2901/04/2021 Air Public Notice No.12/2021 dt.31.03.2021 Clarification on the legislative changes in Section 46 of Customs Act 1962.
3025/03/2021 Air Public Notice No.11/2021 dated 25.03.2021 Urgent measures to sensitise trade in light of proposed changes to Section 46 of the Customs Act 1962 _ Mandatory filing of Advance Bill of Entry.
3119/02/2021 Air Public Notice No.10/2021 dated 19.02.2021 IGST refunds on exports _ extension in SB005 alternate mechanism.
3219/02/2021 Air Public Notice No. 09/2021 dated 19.02.2021 extension of Board s Circular No.12/2018 _Customs dated 29.05.2018 for sanction of pending IGST refund claims where the records have not been transmitted to ICEGATE due to GSTR_1 and GSTR_3B mismatch error.
3304/02/2021 Air Public Notice No.08/2021 dated 04.02.2021 _ ICES Advisory 05/2021 dated 28.01.2021
3421/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.04/2021 dated 21.01.2021 13th International exhibition _ Aero India 2021 at Air Force station Yelhanka Bengaluru from 03 to 05 February 2021.
3529/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.07/2021 dated 29.01.2021 Budget updation 2121_22.
3629/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.06/2021 dated 29.01.2021 Mandatory uploading of documents in e_Sanchit _ Certain clarification.
3728/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.05/2021 dated 28.01.2021 Mandatory uploading of documents in e_Sanchit.
3819/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.03/2021 dated 19.01.2021 Designation of Appellate Authority / CPIO under Section 5_1_ of RTI Act 2005.
3908/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.02/2021 dated 08.01.2021 Import and export of vaccines in relation to COVID 19 through courier.
4004/01/2021 Air Public Notice No.01/2021 dated 04.01.2021 RoDTEP _Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products _ Incentive Scheme.





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