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131/12/2015 City Public Notice No. 28/2015 Procedure to be followed in case of registration of duty credit scrips issued under Merchandise Exports from India Scheme MEIS and Service Exports from India Scheme SEIS.
231/12/2015 City Public Notice No.27/2015 Clarificaiton on classification of Biodiesel under oleo chemicals.
331/12/2015 City Public Notice No. 26/2015 Use of digital signature for filing documents through ICEGATE.
428/12/2015 City Public Notice. No.25/2015 Valuation of second hand machinery.
509/12/2015 City Public Notice No.24/2015 All Industry Rates AIR of Duty Drawback and other duty drawback related changes in 201516.
611/12/2015 City Public Notice No.23/2015 Timely cancellation of bond executed with Customs in advance authorisation cases.
707/12/2015 City Public Notice No.22/2015 Monitoring of realisation of Export Proceeds.
801/12/2015 City Public Notice No. 21/2015 Pendency of Drawback claims for want of query replies.
927/11/2015 City Public Notice No.20/2015 Clearance of undelivered inbound international parcels /articles reg.
1006/11/2015 City Public Notice No. 19/2015 Setting up of Tax Payer Service Center Reg.
1115/10/2015 City Public Notice No. 18/2015 EDI Service Centre at Inland Container Depot, Whitefield, Bengaluru Reg.
1204/09/2015 City Public Notice No. 17/2015 Conduct of oral examination pm 16th, 18th and 21st of September 2015, in respect of written examination held on 28.01.2015 under Regulation 6 of CBLR, 2013 Reg.
1328/07/2015 City Public Notice No.16/2015 Integration of Extra duty deposit modules in ICES Reg.
1424/06/2015 City Public Notice No. 15/2015 Declaration of final results of examination for issue of G cards
1509/06/2015 City Public Notice No. 14/2015 Customs Declaration of result of written examination under Regulation 17 of CBLR,2013 held on 21042015 for issue of G card reg.
1625/05/2015 City Public Notice No.13/2015 Dispensing with SDF form Reg.
1713/03/2015 City Public Notice No. 12/2015 Facility for suo moto payment of customs duty in case of bona fide default in export obligation under the Advance / EPCG authorisations Reg.
1813/05/2015 City Public Notice No.11/2015 Usage of digital signature certificate in Remote EDI Filing RES of Customs documents Reg.
1930/04/2015 City Public Notice No.10/2015 Shifting of Bengaluru Sub Foreign Post Office Reg.
2016/04/2015 City Public Notice No. 09/2015 Category G written examination under Regulation 173 of the Customs Broker Licensing Regulation, 2013 Reg.
2128/03/2015 City Public Notice No.08/2015 Opening of the Customs offices on 28th March 2015 reg.
2211/03/2015 City Public Notice No. 07/2015
2327/02/2015 Public Notice No.07/2015 Opening of offices on 28th Feb 2015
2420/02/2015 City Public Notice No.05/2015 Amendments to certain All industry Rate of Duty Drawback Reg.
2513/01/2015 City Public Notice No.03/2015 Initiatives towards good goveranance Reg.
2620/01/2015 City Public Notice No. 04/2015 Merging of commercial invoice and packing list Reg.
2705/01/2015 City Public Notice No.01/2015 Norms for Execution of Bank Gurantee in respect of Advance License/ Export Promotion Capital Goods EPCG Schemes Reg.
2806/01/2015 City Public Notice No.02/2015 dated 05.01.2015 Empanelment of Charted Engineers for valuation of Secondhand Machinery / goods etc.





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