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131/12/2020 City Public Notice No.67/2020 dated 31.12.2020 ICES Advisory 49/2020 Operationalization of MEIS rewards in ICES against e-Commerce exports and clarification on the scheme code for ROSL.
224/12/2020 City Public Notice No.66/2020 dated 24.12.2020 Special Measures to facilitate MSME for AEO T1 and T2 accreditation.
324/12/2020 City Public Notice No.65/2020 dated 21.12.2020 Email address for official correspondence with Export Promotion Cell.
424/12/2020 City Public Notice No.64/2020 dated 21.12.2020 Functioning and creation of centralised customs refund section from Headquarters office situated at office of the Commissioner of Customs C R Annex Building No.1 Queens Road Bengaluru.
521/12/2020 City Public Notice No.63/2020 dated 16.12.2020 IGST Export Refunds _ Extension in SB005 of alternate mechanism and revised processing in certain cases including disbursal of compensation CESS,
621/12/2020 City Public Notice No.62/2020 dated 16.12.2020 ICES Advisory 45/2020 Availment of exemption on temporary import of Durable Containers in terms of Board Circular 51/2020 dated 20.11.2020_ Provisions in ICES.
718/12/2020 City Public Notice No.61/2020 dated 10.12.2020 ICES Advisory 46/2020
808/12/2020 City Addendum to the Public Notice No.44/2020 dated 01.09.2020 Creation of Warehousing Monitoring cell in Headquarters.
901/12/2020 City Public Notice No.59/2020 dated 26.11.2020 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for examination / valuation of Second / Old and used machinery / goods etc. in the jurisdiction of Bengaluru City Customs Commissionerate and Principal Commissionerate of Airport and Air Cargo Complex Bengaluru.
1026/11/2020 City Public Notice No.58/2020 dated 25.11.2020 ICES Advisory 43/2020 _ Tariff Related Quota _ Implementation in System.
1120/11/2020 City Public Notice No.57/2020 dated 13.11.2020 Launch of Indian Customs EDI System _ ICES 1.5_ for imports and exports at ICD M/s Sattva CFS and Logistics Private Limited _ INKQZ6.
1220/11/2020 City Public Notice No. 56/2020 dated 13.11.2020 The contact details of the Grievance redressal Helpline / WhatsApp Number for City Customs Commissionerate Bengaluru.
1328/10/2020 Public Notice No.55/2020 dated 27.10.2020 ICES Advisory 41/2020 _ Faceless Assessment _ New Provisions in ICES in terms of Board Circular 45/2020 dated 12.10.2020.
1427/10/2020 City Public Notice No.54/2020 dated 24.10.2020 ICES Advisory 38/2020 _ Enhancement in ICES and certain clarifications in respect of Faceless Assessment.
1514/10/2020 City Order dated 14.10.2020 Permission to import and export under the Export promotion scheme at Sattva ICD, Vemagal, Kolar INKQZ6.
1612/10/2020 City Public Notice No.53/2020 dated 08.10.2020 Monitoring of Export Obligation under EPCG/AA Schemes and Obligations under other Bonds.
1707/10/2020 City Public Notice No.52/2020 dated 06.10.2020 Amending Circular 38/2016 _ Cus on Guidelines for Provisional Assessment under Section 18 of the Customs Act 1962.
1807/10/2020 City Public Notice No. 51/2020 dated 30.09.2020 Non_receipt of Export remittance data from EDPMS developed by RBI.
1907/10/2020 City Public Notice No.50/2020 dated 30.09.20 Insertion of Policy condition regarding import under all HS codes in Chapter 72, 73 and 86 of ITC (HS), 2017 to require compulsory registration under Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) and Date of Implementation of SIMS registration.
2024/09/2020 City Trade Facility Notice No.49/2020 dated 24.09.2020 Customs _ Setting up of Inland Container Depot(ICD) Vemgal Industrial Area, Kurugal Village, Kola by M/s Sattva CFS and Logistics Private Limited _ Commencement of Operations.
2123/09/2020 City Public Notice No.48/2020 Bill of entry (Forms) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 amending the Bill of entry (Forms) regulations 1976
2223/09/2020 City Public Notice No.47/2020 Amendment in the functions of the proper officers in relation to the various sections of the Customs Act 1962.
2323/09/2020 City Public Notice No.46/2020 Manufacturing and other operations in a warehouse regulations(MOOWR) and waiver of interest _ Changes in ICES and ICES Advisory 34/2020 _ Capturing additional details for Certificate of Origin (COO) as per Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements) Rules, 2020 in Bill of entry.
2401/09/2020 City Public Notice. No.44/2020 dated 01.09.2020 Creation of Warehousing Monitoring cell in Headquarters.
2504/09/2020 City Public Notice No.45/2020 IGST Refunds_ IGST refunds on exports not disbursed due to PFMS Errors.
2625/08/2020 City Public Notice No.43/2020 Launch of e-office in officers of Commissioner of Bengaluru City Customs, on 25.08.2020
2718/08/2020 City Public Notice No.42/2020 dated 18.08.2020 Customs _ ICES Advisory 29/2020 _ Streamlining of UQCs in Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.
2831/07/2020 City Public Notice No. 41/2020 dated 31.07.2020 Customs _ Export _ ICES Advisory 11/2019 SCMTR _ Introduction of Customs Inland Manifest CIM fore e_sealed export cargo _ Requirement of registration under SCTMTR, 2018.
2907/07/2020 City Public Notice No.40/2020 dated 07.07.2020 Turant Customs _ Turant Suvidha Kendra and other Initiatives for Contact less Customs.
3007/07/2020 City Public Notice No.39/2020 dated 07.07.2020
3103/07/2020 City Adendum to Public Notice No.35/2020 dated 03.06.2020
3223/06/2020 City Public Notice No.37/2020 dated 23.06.2020 Paperless Customs Electronic Communication of PDF based copies of shipping bill and e-Gatepass to Custom Brokers/Exporters.
3303/06/2020 City Public Notice No.35/2020 Invitation of applications for empanelment of Chartered Engineers for examination / valuation of Second / old and used machinery / goods etc. in the jurisdiction of Bengaluru Customs Commissionerate.
3403/06/2020 City Public Notice No.36/2020 dated 03.06.2020 24 X 7 Clearance _ Extension of examination, assessment and clearance under City Customs Bengaluru.
3527/05/2020 City Public Notice No.34/2020 dated 27.05.2020 ICES Advisory 17/2020 Further measures to make bill of entry amendment process contactless and paper less.
3618/05/2020 City Public Notice No.33/2020 dated 18.05.2020 Extension of facilitation / additional facilitation measures extended to EOU/EHTP/STPI Units _ due to COVID 19.
3713/05/2020 City Public Notice No.32/2020 dated 13.05.2020 Amendment to Customs, Excise and Service Tax Procedure Rules, 1982.
3808/05/2020 City Public Notice No.30/2020 dated 08.05.2020 Clarification concerning the submission of Pre shipment Inspection Certificate _PSIC_.
3912/05/2020 City Public Notice No.31/2020 dated 12.05.2020 Review of Circular No.17/2020 namely Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period Section 143AA of the Customs Act 1962.
4005/05/2020 City Public Notice No.29/2020 dated 05/05/2020 - Submission of Export Obligation Discharge Certificate in respect of Advance Authorisations (DEEC/DFIA Licence) / EPCG Licences - reg
4101/05/2020 City Public Notice No.28/2020 dated 01.05.2020 Requirement of new LUT for financial year 2019-20.
4229/04/2020 City Public Notice No.26/2020 dated 29.04.2020 Non receipt of Export remittance data from EDPMS developed by RBI.
4329/04/2020 City Public Notice No.27/2020 dated 29.04.2020 Request to importers to clear consignments and take delivery without delay.
4427/04/2020 City Public Notice No.24/2020 dated 27.04.2020 Customs Refund of IGST on Export / EGM error related cases Certain guidelines for compliance.
4528/04/2020 City Public Notice No. 25/2020 dated 28.04.2020 Guidelines for the conduct of personal hearings in the virtual mode under Customs Act, 1962.
4627/04/2020 City Public Notice No.23/2020 dated 27.04.2020 Contact details of officers associated with special refund and drawback disposal drive.
4727/04/2020 City Public Notice No.22/2020 dated 27.04.2020 Rectification of EGM not filed and EGM errors in ICES.
4823/04/2020 City Public Notice No.21/2020 dated 23.04.2020 IGST refunds on exports extension in SB005 alternate mechanism.
4923/04/2020 City Public Notice No.20/2020 dated 23.04.2020 Drawback Special Measures for liquidation of Drawback Claims pending on account of non receipt of test reports of samples, EGM not filled and Errors and others.
5015/04/2020 City Public Notice No.19/2020 dated 15.04.2020 Paperless Customs Electronic Communication of PDF based Gatepass and OOC Copy of Bill of Entry to Custom Brokers / Importers.
5108/04/2020 City Public Notice No.17/2020 dated 08.04.2020 - Extension of time limits under Customs Act, 1962 and Rules and Regulations issued thereunder-reg
5207/04/2020 City Public Notice No.18/2020 dated 07.04.2020 - Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period - section 143AA of the Customs Act.1962 - reg
5304/04/2020 City Public Notice No.16/2020 dated 04.04.2020 - 24/7 Clearance -Extension of examination, assessment and clearance under City Customs Bengaluru till 30.06.2020 - reg
5430/03/2020 City Public Notice No.15/2020 dated 30/03/2020 - Print out of Final Bill of Entry - A Facilitation Measure during Breakout of Covid-19 - reg
5530/03/2020 City Public Notice No.14/2020 dated 30/03/2020 - Option to avail Section 49 facility during Covid-19 crisis period - reg
5630/03/2020 City Public Notice No.13/2020 dated 30/03/2020 - Request for Amendments and Waiver of Late Fee Charges in the Bills of Entry through E-Mail procedure as facilitation during outbreaks of COVID 19 - reg
5726/03/2020 City Public Notice No. 12/2020 - 24/7 Clearance - Extension of Examinaton, Assessment and Clearance under City Customs Bengaluru till 31/05/2020 - reg
5826/03/2020 City Public Notice No. 11/2020 - Reiteration of facilitation / additional facilitational measures to ensure social distancing on a/c of Covid19 - Reg.
5920/03/2020 City Public Notice No.10/2020 dated 20.03.2020 Amendment in Export Policy of Masks, ventilators and textile raw material for masks and overalls
6018/03/2020 City Public Notice No. 09/2020 dated 18.03.2020 Details of Public Grievance officers.
6110/03/2020 City Public Notice No.08/2020 Electronic Sealing Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded Warehouses.
6203/03/2020 City Public Notice No.07/2020 dated 03.03.2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All India basis.
6320/02/2020 City Public Notice No.06/2020 dated 20.02.2020 Waiver of penalty in case of late filing of bills of entry in respect of goods imported from China due to nonavailability of documents due to incidence of Corona virus in China
6418/02/2020 City Amendment to Public Notice No.25/2015 dated 28.12.2015 Valuation of Secondary Machinery.
6504/02/2020 City Amendment to Public Notice No.25/2015 dated 28.12.2015 Valuation of Secondhand machinery.
6630/01/2020 City Public Notice No. 04/2020 dated 30.02.2020 Levy and collection of Social Welfare surcharge SWS on imports under various schemes such as Merchandise Exports from India Scheme MEIS, Services Exports from India Scheme SEIS etc.
6730/01/2020 City Public Notice No.01/2020 dated 30.01.2020 Amendment in Policy conditions No.2 iii to Chapter 95 of ITC Hs 2017 Schedule 1 Import Policy.
6804/02/2020 City Public Notice No.03/2020 dated 04.02.2020 Implementation of PGA eSanchit Paperless processing under SWIFT uploading of licenses/permits/certificates/other authorisation LPCOs by PGAs.
6904/02/2020 City Public Notice No.05/2020 dated 04.02.2020 Revision of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback





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