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110/12/2021 City Public Notice No.38/2021 dated 10.12.2021 List of eligible candidates for appearing in examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR 2018 for Examination year 2022.
203/11/2021 City Public Notice No.36/2021 dated 29.10.2021 Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies RoSCTL Scheme on export of apparel/ garments / made-ups w.e.f 01.01.2021.
302/11/2021 City Public Notice No.37/2021 dated 02.11.2021 Extension of facility of Customs clearance- reg.
401/11/2021 City Amendment Public Notice No.59/2020 dated 28.11.2020 Empanelment of chartered Engineers for examination / valuation of Second / old and used machinery / goods et. in the jurisdiction of Bengaluru City Customs Commissionerate and Principal Commissionerate of Airport and Air Cargo Complex, Bengaluru.
529/10/2021 City Public Notice No.35/2021 dated 28.10.2021 Scheme for Remission of duties and taxes on exported products RoDTEP with effect from 01.01.2021.
606/10/2021 City Public Notice No.34/2021 dated 06.10.2021 MOOWR 2019 and AEO Scheme - Help Desk.
724/09/2021 City Public Notice No.31/2021 dated 24.09.2021 Designation of Appellate authority / CPIO under Section 5(1) of the RTI Act,2005.
823/09/2021 City Public Notice No. 33/2021 dated 23.09.2021 Notice for Customs Brokers Licensing Examination - 2022 under Regulation 6 of Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations 2018.
930/08/2021 City Public Notice No.30/2021 dated 19.08.2021 procedure for obtaining Self Sealing Permission (SSP) for Electronic Sealing of containerized cargo at factory or warehouse premises.
1025/08/2021 City Public Notice No.32/2021 dated 23.08.2021 Amendment in AEO Programme Auto renewal of AEO T1 validity for continuous certification based on continuous compliance monitoring.
1117/08/2021 City Public Notice No.29/2021 dated 17.08.2021 Additional checks for CoO declaration in Bill of entry - ICES Advisory No.17/2021 dated 06.072021.
1216/07/2021 City Public Notice No.28/2021 dated 16.07.2021 Improvements in Faceless Assessment _ Measures for expediting Customs clearances.
1314/07/2021 City Public Notice No.27/2021 dated 12.07.2021 Improvements in Faceless Assessment_ Measures for expediting Customs clearances.
1427/05/2021 City Public Notice No.25/2021 dated 27.05.2021 - EOUs / STPIs / EHTP Units - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - reg.
1525/05/2021 City Public Notice No.26/2021 dated 25.05.2021 - Extension of validity of AEO Certificates for ease of renewal process - reg
1624/05/2021 City Public Notice No.24/2021 dated 21.05.2021 - Customs - Changes introduced through the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty) Amendment Rules, 2021 - reg
1717/05/2021 City Public Notice No.23/2021 dated 17.05.2021 - Warehouse License issues - reg
1814/05/2021 City Public Notice No.22/2021 dated 14.05.2021 - Special Refund and Drawback Disposal Drive from 15.05.2021 to 31.05.2021 - Implementation of - Reg.
1908/05/2021 City Public Notice No.21/2021 dated 08.05.2021 Trade facilitation measures in Bangalore City Customs, Commissionerate during the lockdown in May 2021 in Karnataka
2028/04/2021 City Public Notice No.20/2021 dated 28.04.2021 Import clearance of COVID related material at HAL Airport regarding.
2123/04/2021 City Public Notice No.19/2021 dated 23.04.2021 Import of Covid related goods _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance and safe_guard against unscrupulous Importers.
2220/04/2021 City Public Notice No.18/2021 dated 20.04.2021 IGST Scroll failures due to invalid IFSC.
2306/04/2021 City Public Notice No.17/2021 dt.06.04.2021 Inclusion of a new UQC for Metric Million British Thermal Unit.
2405/04/2021 City Public Notice No.16/2021 dt.05.04.2021 Procedure to be followed by warehouses permitted for manufacture and other operations under Section 65 of Customs Act 1962 read with MOOWR 2019.
2501/04/2021 City Public Notice No.14/2021 dt.31.03.2021 Commencement of Bill of Entry _ FORMS_ Amendment Regulations 2021.
2601/04/2021 City Public Notice No.15/2021 dt.31.03.2021 Filing of Advance Bill of entry under Section 46 of Customs Act 1962 Amended vide Finance Act 2021.
2701/04/2021 City Public Notice No.12/2021 dt.31.03.2021 The CBIC has notified the common portal accessible through uniform resource locator _URL_ as the Common Customs Electronic Portal.
2801/04/2021 City Public Notice No.13/2021 dt.31.03.2021 The CBIC hereby makes the new regulations to amend the Bill of Entry _ Electronic Integrated Declaration and Paperless Processing_ Regulations 2018.
2926/03/2021 City Public Notice No.11/2021 dated 26.03.2021 Urgent measure to sensitise trade in light of proposed changes to Section 46 of the Customs Act 1962.
3008/03/2021 City Public Notice No.09/2021 dated 08.03.2021 Implementation of the Track and trace system for parcels / consignments imported through International Post at Postal Appraising Department Foreign Post Office Bengaluru.
3108/03/2021 City Public Notice No.10/2021 dated 04.03.2021 List of Eligible candidates for appearing in examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR 2018 for examination year _2021.
3223/02/2021 City Public Notice No.08/2021 dated 23.02.2021 IGST refunds on exports _ extension inSB005 alternate mechanism Board s Circular No.05/2021 dated 17.02.2021.
3323/02/2021 City Public Notice No.07/2021 dated 23.02.2021 Extension of Board s Circular No.12/2018_Customs dated 29.05.2018 for sanction of pending IGST refund claims where the records have not been transmitted to ICEGATE due to GSTR_ I and GSTR_3B mismatch error.
3422/02/2021 City Public Notice No.05/2021 dated 22.02.2021 Notification No.17/2021 Levy of fees _ Customs Documents_ Amendment Regulations 2021.
3531/01/2021 City Public Notice No.06/2021 dated 31.01.2021 ICES Advisory 06/2021 _ Mandatory uploading of documents in e_Sanchit _ Further clarifications.
3606/01/2021 City Public Notice No.02/2021 dated 06.01.2021 Mandatory sampling and testing of export consignments of Scpices and spice products under the quality evaluation system of spices board.
3701/01/2021 City Public Notice No.01/2021 dated 01.01.2021 ICES Advisory 50/2020 Implementation of RoDTEP Scheme in system.
3821/01/2021 City Corrigendum to Public Notice no.44/2020 dated 01.09.2020 Creation of Warehousing Monitoring cell in Headquarters.
3921/01/2021 City Public Notice no.04/2021 dated 18.01.2021 ICES subject Mandatory uploading of documents in e_sanchit.
4019/01/2021 City Public Notice No. 03/2021 dated 19.01.2021 Notice for Customs Brokers Examination 2021.





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