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127/12/2022 City Public Notice No.28/2022 dated 27.12.2022 Clarification for non_applicability of plastic packaging used for imported goods as per plastic waste management rules _2016.
221/12/2022 City Public Notice No.26/2022 dated 21.12.2022 List of eligible candidates for appearing in examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR 2018 for examination yar _2023
317/11/2022 City Public Notice No.25/2022 dated 17.11.2022 Restricted entry of food items in under specific ports.
427/10/2022 City Public Notice No.24/2022 26.10.2022 Submission of details due to non-receipt of login credentials for CBLMS.
527/10/2022 City Public Notice No.23/2022 dated 25.10.2022 - certain changes in CBLR 2018.
614/10/2022 City Public Notice No.22/2022 dated 14.10.2022 Introduction of Customs Brokers Licensing Management Systems CBLMS.
714/10/2022 City Public Notice No.21/2022 dated 30.09.2022 Customs _ Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty or for Specified End Use_ Rules 2022.
814/09/2022 City Public Notice No.20/2022 dated 14.09.2022 Suspension and Restoration of Deferred Duty Payment facility.
913/09/2022 City Public Notice No.19/2022 dated 12.09.2022 Developing an all India software known as Customs Broker Licensing and Management System CBLMS.
1013/09/2022 City Public Notice No.18/2022 dated 09.09.2022 Notice for Customs Brokers Licensing Examination _2023 under Regulation 6 of Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations 2018.
1108/09/2022 City Public Notice No.17/2022 dated 08.09.2022 Designation of Appellate Authority / CPIO under Section 5.1 of the RTI Act2005.
1216/06/2022 City Public Notice No.16/2022 dated 16.06.2022 Changes in system with respect of AD code registration in exports.
1315/06/2022 City Public Notice No.15/2022 dated 14.6.2022 Customs ICES Advisory No.09/2022.
1418/05/2022 City Public Notice No.14/2022 dated 17.05.2022 Permission for GSAT_24 shipment _from 17.05.2022 to 22.05.2022 at HAL Airport.
1513/05/2022 City Public Notice No.13/2022 dated 13.05.2022 Notified the HAL Airport as Customs Area.
1613/05/2022 City Public Notice No.12/2022 dated 13.05.2022 Customs Clearance support for Two Chartered Indian Air Force aircrafts at HAL Airport.
1727/04/2022 City Public Notice No.11/2022 dated 27.04.2022 List of candidates who have qualified for issuance of G card in the examination held on 24.04.2022.
1826/04/2022 City Public Notice No.10/2022 dated 22.04.2022 Implementation of IGCR in SEZ clearance for DTA supplies.
1913/04/2022 City Public Notice No.09/2022 dated 12.04.2022 Written examination for G card of Customs Brokers employee.
2021/03/2022 City Public Notice No.05/2022 dated 02.03.2022 Implementation of automation in the Customs IGCRD _ Import of goods at concessional Rate of duty_ Rules 2017 w.e.f 01.03.2022
2111/03/2022 City Public Notice No.08/2022 dated 11.03.2022 Written Examination for G card pf Customs Brokers _ postponed until further notice.
2211/03/2022 City Public Notice No.07/2022 dated 08.03.2022 ICES Advisory 03/2022
2304/03/2022 City Public Notice No.06/2022 dated 03.03.2022 ICES Advisory 02/2022 _ IGCR 2017 in system.
2416/02/2022 City Corrigendum to Public Notice No.04/2022 dated 07.02.2022 Written examination for G card of Customs Broker s employee.
2508/02/2022 City Public Notice No.04/2022 dated 07.02.2022 Written examination for G card of Customs brokers employee under regulation 13 of Customs broker licensing regulations 2018.
2631/01/2022 City Public Notice No.03/2022 dated 31.01.2022 Modification w.r.t. Public Notice No. 03/2018 dated 24.01.2018 regarding formation of Export Promotion Cells under Bangalore City Customs Commissionerate.
2728/01/2022 City Public Notice No.02/2022 dated Amendment in CBLR 2018 vide Notification No.62/2021 _Customs N.T.
2812/01/2022 City Public Notice No.01/2022 dated 12.01.2022 Publication of new _Seventh_ edition of the Harmonised System of Nomenclature HS _2022 _ Reg.





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