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22/01/2021 05:44:26pm


ड्यूटी कालुक्लाटर प्रगति का धड़कन ओम्बड्समैन ड्यूटी रोस्टर
निर्यात प्रमाणपत्र
नया क्या हैं सभी देखें
 City Standing Order No.03/2021 dated 18.01.2021 Streamlining and strengthening of COFEPOSA / Preventive Units in all offices of Sponsoring _Preventive _ for effective monitoring of COFEPOSA matters.

 City Standing Order No.02/2021 dated 11.01.2021 Advisory SI/01/2021 dated 08.01.2021 RSA_2FA enablement for CBIC VPN w.e.f 14/01/2021.

 City Public Notice no.04/2021 dated 18.01.2021 ICES subject Mandatory uploading of documents in e_sanchit.

 City Corrigendum to Public Notice no.44/2020 dated 01.09.2020 Creation of Warehousing Monitoring cell in Headquarters.

 City Public Notice No. 03/2021 dated 19.01.2021 Notice for Customs Brokers Examination 2021.

 Air Public Notice No.03/2021 dated 19.01.2021 Designation of Appellate Authority / CPIO under Section 5_1_ of RTI Act 2005.

 Air Notification No.02/2021 dated 19.01.2021 Appointing M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to be the custodian of the import / export goods at Air Force Station Yelahanka Bengaluru.

 Air Public Notice No.02/2021 dated 08.01.2021 Import and export of vaccines in relation to COVID 19 through courier.

 City Standing Order No.01/2021 dated 05.01.2021 _ Verification of Country_of_origin Certificates issued in Singapore under AIFTA.

 Air Public Notice No.01/2021 dated 04.01.2021 RoDTEP _Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products _ Incentive Scheme.

 City Standing Order No.11/2020 dated 24.12.2020 Disaster Recovery _QB_ Drill planned from 25th - 27 December 2020 _ Test locations to confirm before PAN India Region.

 City Standing Order No.10/2020 dated 22.12.2020 Verification of the Preferential Certificates of Origin in terms of CAROTAR Rules 2020.

 City Standing Order No.12/2020 dated 29.12.2020 _ Legal Matter_Streamlining the processing of Litigation before Courts and Tribunal.

 City Public Notice No.65/2020 dated 21.12.2020 Email address for official correspondence with Export Promotion Cell.

 City Public Notice No.64/2020 dated 21.12.2020 Functioning and creation of centralised customs refund section from Headquarters office situated at office of the Commissioner of Customs C R Annex Building No.1 Queens Road Bengaluru.

 Customs News - Pension Adalat on 23.12.2020 at 11.00 am

 CCO Public Notice No.17/2020 Designation of Appellate Authority / CPIO under RTI Act 2005.

 City Standing Order No.09/2020 dated 18.12.2020 Instructions for time bound processing of Duty Drawback claims.

 City Public Notice No.63/2020 dated 16.12.2020 IGST Export Refunds _ Extension in SB005 of alternate mechanism and revised processing in certain cases including disbursal of compensation CESS,

 City Public Notice No.62/2020 dated 16.12.2020 ICES Advisory 45/2020 Availment of exemption on temporary import of Durable Containers in terms of Board Circular 51/2020 dated 20.11.2020_ Provisions in ICES.

 City Public Notice No.61/2020 dated 10.12.2020 ICES Advisory 46/2020

 Air Public Notice No.56/2020 dated 18.12.2020 AEO _Details required in the solvency certificate to be furnished from the Chartered Accountant along with AEO applications _AEO_T2 T3 and LO Reg.

 City Establishment Order No.244/2020 dated 03.12.2020 Transfer and postings in the Grade of Superintendent.

 City Addendum to the Public Notice No.44/2020 dated 01.09.2020 Creation of Warehousing Monitoring cell in Headquarters.

 CCO Establishment Order No.228/2020 dated 19.11.2020 Transfer and postings in the grade of Inspector.

 CCO Establishment Order No.228/2020 dated 19.11.2020 Transfer and postings in the grade of Havaldar.

 City Public Notice No.59/2020 dated 26.11.2020 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for examination / valuation of Second / Old and used machinery / goods etc. in the jurisdiction of Bengaluru City Customs Commissionerate and Principal Commissionerate of Airport and Air Cargo Complex Bengaluru.

 City Public Notice No.58/2020 dated 25.11.2020 ICES Advisory 43/2020 _ Tariff Related Quota _ Implementation in System.

 City Standing Order No.08/2020 dated 16.11.2020 Difficulties being faced by the trade with respect to implementation of the Customs _ Administration of Rules of Origin Under Trade Agreements Rules 2020.

 City Public Notice No.57/2020 dated 13.11.2020 Launch of Indian Customs EDI System _ ICES 1.5_ for imports and exports at ICD M/s Sattva CFS and Logistics Private Limited _ INKQZ6.

 City Public Notice No. 56/2020 dated 13.11.2020 The contact details of the Grievance redressal Helpline / WhatsApp Number for City Customs Commissionerate Bengaluru.

 City Establishment Order No.25/2020 Transfer and Posting in the grade of DC/AC within City Customs Commissionerate.

 Air Public Notice No.55/2020 dated 11.11.2020 Faceless Assessment _ Nodal Officer for Turant Suvidha Kendra.

 CCO Tender Notice for Publication of In House News letter.

 CCO Establishment Order No.DGHRD/AC/DC 145/2020 dated 11.11.2020 Transfer and postings in the Grade of Deputy Commissioner / Assistant Commissioner.

 CCO Establishment Order DGHRD/ADC-JC No.39/2020 Transfer and postings in the grade of Additional Commissioner / Joint Commissioner.

 City Customs News 2020 Notice for interview for empanelment of Chartered Engineers as per Public Notice No.35/2020

 Public Notice No.55/2020 dated 27.10.2020 ICES Advisory 41/2020 _ Faceless Assessment _ New Provisions in ICES in terms of Board Circular 45/2020 dated 12.10.2020.

 Air Public Notice No.53/2020 dated 03.10.2020 Amending circular 38/2016 on Guidelines for Provisional Assessment under Section 18 of the Customs Act 1962.

 City Public Notice No.54/2020 dated 24.10.2020 ICES Advisory 38/2020 _ Enhancement in ICES and certain clarifications in respect of Faceless Assessment.

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