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22/09/2023 03:37:40am


ड्यूटी कालुक्लाटर प्रगति का धड़कन ओम्बड्समैन ड्यूटी रोस्टर
निर्यात प्रमाणपत्र
नया क्या हैं सभी देखें
 Notice under Section 150 dated 31.08.2023

 Notice under section 150 dated 31.08.2023 I/1386206/2023

 Notice under section 150 dated 31.08.2023 I/1386185/2023

 Air Public Notice No.16/2023 Movement of consignments to be handled for the purpose of Section 48 of Customs Act 1962 from existing premises of M/s FedEx Express to extended premises reg.

 Air Public Notice No.15/2023 Notified area for storage and handling of consignments under Section 48 of Customs Act 1962 by M/s Fedex Express Transportation and Supply Chain services Ind Pvt. Ltd.

 City Public Notice No.09/2023 dated 22.08.2023 Setting up of establishment of disposal section in ICD.

 Air Public Notice No.14/2023 dated 24.08.2023 Transshipment permission M/s DHLExpress Pvt. Ltd.

 Air Notification No.04/2023 dated 18.08.2023 Declaration of Customs Areas for the purpose of landing of imported goods and the loading of export goods etc.

 Air Public Notice NO.13/2023 M/s Bangalore International Airport Limited has been appointed as Customs Cargo Service Provider and Custodian at Air Cargo Terminal Bengaluru.

 City Public Notice No.08/2023 dated 28.07.2023 Designation of Appellate authority / CPIO under Section 5.1. of the RTI Act 2005.

 City Public Notice No.07/2023 dated 21.07.2023 Launch of the Self customs pass for importer / exporter functionality on CBLMS.

 CCO EO 247/2023 dated 07.08.2023 Transfer and posting in the grade of Appraisers in Bengaluru Customs Zone.

 CCO Public Notice No.05/2023 dated 20.07.2023 Designation of CAPIO / CPIO Appellate under Section 5.1. and 5.2. of the RTI Act 2005.

 Air Public Notice No.12/2023 dated 12.07.2023 Designation of Appellate authority / CPIO under RTI Act 2005.

 Air Public Notice No.11/2023 dated 17.07.2023 Mandatory additional qualifiers in important / export declarations in respect of certain products wef 01.07.2023.

 CCO Establishment Order No.215/2023 dated 11.07.2023 Transfer and Postings in the grade of Superintendent

 Air Public Notice No.10/2023 dated 23.05.2023

 CCO Office Order No.ADC/JC_01/2023 AGT and posting in the Grade of Additional / Joint Commissioners

 CCO Establishment Order No.192/2023 dated 27.06.2023 AGT and postings in the grade of Deputy / Assistant Commissioners.

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