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 City Tender Brindavan Magazine 2020-21

 Air Public Notice No.39/2020 dated 16.07.2020 Introduction of IGST Refund Module for Exports in ECCS Application.

 Air Public Notice No.40/2020 dated 21.07.2020 Monitoring of Export obligation under EPCG/AA Schemes and obligations under other bonds.

 Air Public Notice No. 42/2020 dated 22.07.2020 Rollout of CSB V in Express Cargo Clearance System ECCS.

 Air Public Notice No.41/2020 dated 22.07.2020 Regulation of Import of live stock and Livestock products under Livestock Importation Act 1898 as amended Revised Testing Requirement.

 Air Standing Order No.02/2020 dated 22.07.2020 IGST Refund processing of Courier Export in ICES

 CCO Public Notice No.10/2020 dated 31.07.2020 II phase of All India roll out of Faceless assessment w.e.f 03.08.2020.

 City Public Notice No. 41/2020 dated 31.07.2020 Customs _ Export _ ICES Advisory 11/2019 SCMTR _ Introduction of Customs Inland Manifest CIM fore e_sealed export cargo _ Requirement of registration under SCTMTR, 2018.

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1.   BEs Awaiting for Duty Payment at ICD
2.   BEs Pending for Goods Registration at ICD
3.   BEs Pending for Query Reply from Importer at ICD
4.   IGST Refund claim SBs under SB005 (Invoice Mismatch)  at ACC
5.   IGST Refund claim SBs under Gate EGM Error  at ACC
6.   IGST Refund - PFMS IFSC Mismatch  at ACC
7.   DBK Bills pending in Exporter Queue at ACC
8.   Sample drawn SBs pending for test reports at ACC
9.   List of AEO entities whose validity has been extended up to 31.05.2020

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