Export Certificate

1.      Passengers departing India can avail of the facility of obtaining an export certificate for high value items if they intend to bring such items back on their return to India.

  1. An Export Certificate facilitates re-importation of such goods while bringing them back to India as no duty is charged. The respective allowances available to the passengers at the time of return to India are not affected.
  2. Export Certificate is given only in the case of PRIVATE PERSONAL property intended to be re-imported into India subsequently.


1.      Click here to Download the Export Certificate Format, fill in all particulars and send as an attachment alongwith details of the departure flight, date and time and mail to acairportbangalore[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. A copy of the filled form should be brought alongwith the passenger on the date of departure well in advance of departure along with the goods for which the Export Certificate is sought.
  2. On reaching the departure hall after immigration, contact the Customs officers at the Departure Counter (Ph No: 080-22001402/080-22001404). The items need to be produced for examination to the Customs Officer along with boarding pass and passport. The goods will be examined by the Customs Officer and the particulars mentioned will be verified before an Export Certificate is issued by the Officer.
  3. In case of high value items like Note-book/laptop, Computer, camcorder, digital camera, cellular phone etc, the name, manufacturers name, number, model, year of manufacture and value of the items is to be indicated by the passenger. Any document/ invoice etc which indicates the value of the item may also be produced.
  4. In case of gold/silver/diamond/studded jewellery, the passengers should produce documents such as purchase invoice/ valuation certificate issued by authorized valuer in support of their claim of the valuation at the time of obtaining export certificate.
  5. To obtain exemption from duty on re-importation, the article must remain in the ownership of the exporter or his family.
  6. The person re-importing the items must produce this certificate and get the same endorsed from the Customs, before every departure out of the Country.