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128/12/2012 Public Notice No.49/2012 Customs Import of Marble Slabs declaration of specification etc. Reg.
221/12/2012 Trade Facility Circular No. 51/2012 Transhipment of Courier Export shipments from Bangalore reg.
321/12/2012 Public Notice No. 50/2012 Pendency of Drawback claims for query replies Reg.
407/12/2012 Public Notice No. 48/2012 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for valuation of Second hnad Machinery / goods etc. in the jurisdiction of Commissioner of Customs, Bangalore Reg.
519/11/2012 Public Notice No.47/2012 Container Freight Station at HAL Airport, Bangalore Custodianship
614/11/2012 Public Notice No. 46/2012 Facility of calculation of interest under Section 61 for Exbond Bill of entry
705/11/2012 Public Notice. No.45/2012 Exemption from 4 Additional Duty of Customs 4 SAD in terms of Notificaiton No.21/2012 Cus dated 170320112
819/10/2012 Public Notice No.44/2012 Customs Implementation of Sevottam Project to deliver excellence in service delivery Nomination of officers
912/10/2012 Public Notice No.43/2012 N.T. Cusotms Setting up of CFS at Devanagonthi, Hoskote Taluk by M/S Marigold Logistics Private Limited Reg.
1005/10/2012 Public Notice No.42/2012 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for valuation of Second hand Machinery / goods in the office of the Commissioner of Customs, Bangalore calling for applications Reg.
1104/10/2012 Public Notice No.41/2012 Transhipment of Courier Shipments to other Customs Airports Reg.
1225/09/2012 Public Notice.40/2012 Customs Procedure to be followed for the Import of Drugs and cosmetics at the Air Cargo Complex Bangalore Reg.
1317/09/2012 Public Notice. No.39/2012 Making Epayment of Customs Duties mandatory Regarding
1428/08/2012 Public Notice 38/2012 24 x 7 Customs Clerance operations Reg.
1531/07/2012 Public Notice No.37/2012 Invitation for application for grant of CHA licence and conducting exam under Regulation 8/CHALR 2004 on 05/09/2012
1627/07/2012 Changes in ICES 1.5 to enable the Importer to declare state of destination and VAT/CST/Sales Tax registration number.
1822/06/2012 Public Notice No.34/2012. Declaration of result of written examination held on 03062012 for issue of G Card. Conducting of Oral Examination from 26062012 to 28062012.
1904/06/2012 Public Notice No.30/2012. Forwarding of Customs Circulars issued by the Board.
2004/06/2012 Public Notice No.33/2012. Forwarding of Customs Tariff Notification issued by the Board.
2104/06/2012 Public Notice No.32/2012. Forwarding of Customs Nontariff Notification issued by Board
2204/06/2012 Public Notice No.31/2012. Forwarding of Customs Notification on Safeguard/Antidumping duty
2327/05/2012 Public Notice No.27/2012. Appointment of Indirect Tax Ombudsman at Bangalore
2425/05/2012 Public Notice No.29/2012. G Card Examination Communication of roll number and venue of examination
2523/05/2012 Public Notice No.28/2012. Observance of Drawback Clearance Months during April 2012 and May 2012.
2616/05/2012 Public Notice No.26/2012 Category G Examination Communicating Date of examination
2730/03/2012 Public Notice No.24/2012 : Forwarding of Customs Tariff Notification No.10/2012 to 24/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
2809/04/2012 Notification No.01/2012. Appointment of Central Warehousing Corporation CWC, Whitefield, Bangalore as Custodians of imported goods landed at CFS, CWC, Bangalore.
2904/04/2012 Public Notice No.23/2012. Category G examination under Regulation 19 of the CHALR, 2004 to be conducted during AprilMay 2012 Details
3019/03/2012 Public Notice No.22/2012. Implementation of Sevottam Project to deliver excellence in service delivery. Nomination of officers.
3115/03/2012 Public Notice No.20/2012 Mandatory Epayment procedure for Customs duty payment above Rs.1 Lakh
3214/03/2012 Public Notice No.21/2012 Forwarding of Customs Circulars No.01/2012 to 08/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
3314/03/2012 Public Notice No.19/2012 Forwarding of Customs Notification No.01/2012 on Safeguards and 01/2012 to 15/2012 on AntiDumping Duty issued by CBEC, New Delhi
3414/03/2012 Public Notice No.18/2012 Forwarding of Customs Tariff Notification No.07/2012 to 09/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
3514/03/2012 Public Notice 17/2012 Union Budget, 2012 Budget day instructions on filing / processing of documents at ACC / ICD
3613/03/2012 Public Notice No.16/2012 Conduct of Oral Examination on 30th and 31st of March, 2012, in respect of writtenexamination held on 23092011 under Regulation 8 of CHALR, 2004
3709/03/2012 Public Notice No.2/2012 CCO Designation of Transparence Officers under RTI Act, 2005
3812/03/2012 Public Notice No.15/2012 Forwarding of Customs NonTariff Notifications No.12/2012 to 18/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
3906/03/2012 Public Notice No.14/2012 Prohibition on export of Cotton Tariff Code 5201 and 5203
4002/03/2012 Trade Facility Circular No.13/2012. Customs Clearance at ACC, ICD and Customs Division during the month of March 2012
4127/02/2012 Public Notice No.12/2012 Forwarding of Customs NonTariff Notifications No.04/2012 to 11/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
4227/02/2012 Public Notice No.11/2012 Forwarding of Customs Tariff Notifications 04/2012, 05/2012 06/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
4309/02/2012 Public Notice No.10/2012 Mandatory epayment procedure for customs duty payments above Rs.1 lakh
4408/02/2012 Public Notice No.09/2012 Special CHA Written examination for grant of CHA license to be held on 13th Feb. 2012 Communication of Roll No., timings and venue.
4524/01/2012 Public Notice No.06/2012 Forwarding of Customs Tariff Notifications No.01/2012, 02/2012 and 03/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
4620/01/2012 Public Notice No.08/2012 List of Banks authorised for collection of Customs duty by Epayment under ICES
4717/01/2012 Public Notice No.07/2012 Forwarding of Customs Notifications 01/2012, 02/2012 and 03/2012 issued by CBEC, New Delhi
4810/01/2012 Public Notice No.05/2012 New electronic STR scheme to exporters through ICES 1.5 w.e.f. 03.01.2012
4909/01/2012 Public Notice No.04/2012 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers in Bangalore Customs for valuation of Import/Export goods/Secondhand machinery
5004/01/2012 PN No.03/2012 Rate of exchange of conversion of each of the foreign currency with effect from 1st January, 2012
5102/01/2012 PN No.02/2012 Requests for extension of warehousing period under Sec.61 of Customs Act
5202/01/2012 PN No.01/2012Verification of origins in case of goods imported under FPTA





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