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106/12/2013 Public Notice No.39/2013 regarding Import of Gold by nominated Banks/Agencies/Entities.
205/12/2013 Public Notice No.38/2013 regarding Container Freight Station at HAL Airport, Bangalore cessation of custodianship.
328/11/2013 Public Notice No.37/2013 regarding Implementation of Risk Management System RMS in Exports at ACC Bangalore.
414/11/2013 Public Notice No.36/2013 regarding Speedy Assessment of Inbound Postal Articles reg.
506/11/2013 Public Notice No.35/2013 Implementation of Risk Management System RMS in Exports reg.
604/11/2013 Facility Notice No.23/2013 Procedure for issuing certificate/duplicate copy of Bill of Entry, in cases where the importers copy of EDI BE is lost/misplaced/mutilated/destroyed.
721/10/2013 Public Notice No.34/2013 regarding filing of EP copy of shipping bills along with EGM.
821/10/2013 Public Notice No. 33/2013 Option to close cases of default in Export Obligation EO
912/09/2013 Customs Container Freight Station at HAL Airport, Bangalore cessation of Custodianshipreg.
1005/09/2013 Public Notice No.31/2013 Import of Gold Dore Bars Procedure and Guidelines reg.
1126/08/2013 Public Notice No.30/2013 regarding Levy collection of stamp duty on Delivery Orders in respect of goods Article 24, Karnataka Stamp Schedule reg.
1227/08/2013 Designation of Appellate Authority CPIO under RTI
1307/08/2013 PN 29/2013 Examination/Inspection of goods under import without Delivery Order reg.
1426/07/2013 Public Notice No.28/2013 24X7 Customs clearance operations Reg.
1509/07/2013 Public Notice No. 26/2013 dated 09.07.2013 Import of pets under baggage.
1604/07/2013 Public Notice No.25/2013 Speedy Courier Assessment Reg.
1714/06/2013 Public Notice No. 24/2013 dt. 14.06.13 regarding 24x7 Customs clearance operations
1823/05/2013 Public Notice No.22/2013 Amendment of Section 47 vide Finance Bill 2013 Reg.
1923/05/2013 Public Notice No.21/ 2013 Clearance of undelivered inbound international parcels Reg.
2010/05/2013 Public Notice No. 19/2013 N.T. M/s Air India SATS Airport Services Pvt. Ltd. Fuctioning Renewal of Custodianship Reg.
2109/05/2013 Public Notice No.20/2013 Customs Issue of Export Certificate to frequently travelling International passengers Reg.
2209/05/2013 Public Notice No. 18/2013 Quick disposal of Drawback claims Reg.
2306/05/2013 Public Notice. No.16/2013 Mandatoru requirement of advnace NOC Clearancefrom AQCS,Bangalore for all livestock Including pet animals Dog Cat Reg.
2422/04/2013 Public Notice No.15/2013 Customs M/s Container Corporation of India Limited Functioning Renewal of Custodianship Reg.
2515/04/2013 Public Notice No. 14/2013 Issues relating to implementation of Ministry of Steels Order S.O. 415E dated 12.03.2012 and Application of BIS specification No. IS: 227 Reg.
2615/04/2013 Public Notice No.12/2013 Clearance for export consignments of perishable goods Reg.
2715/04/2013 Public Notice No.13/2013 Import of pets under Baggage Reg.
2815/04/2013 Public Notice No.11/2013 Customs M/s Menzies Bobba Aviation Pvt Ltd. functioning Renewal of Custodianship Reg.
2927/03/2013 Public Notice. No. 10/2013 Opening of Customs offices during the last week of March 2013 Reg.
3026/03/2013 Public Notice No.09/2013 Customs Conduct of Oral examination on 5th 6th April 2013, in respect of written examination held on 05.09.2012 under Regulation 8 of CHALR,2004 Reg.
3120/03/2013 Public Notice No.08 /2013 Opening of offices during the lask week of March 2013 Reg.
3212/03/2013 Public Notice No. 06/2013 Single Revolving Bank Gurantee for different transactions for import of silver or gold or platinum Reg.
3305/03/2013 Public Notice No. 07/2013 Issue of Customs House Agent licence Reg.
3401/03/2013 Poublic Noticeno.05/2013 Opening of the Customs offices in the month of March 2013
3528/02/2013 Public Notice. No.04/2013 Union Budget 2013 Budget day instructions on filing /processing of documents at ACC/ICD Reg.
3614/02/2013 Public Notice No.02/2013 Implementation of Risk Management System for imports under the 100EOU scheme Imports under procurement certificate Reg.
3714/02/2013 Public Notice No.03/2013 Pendency of Brand Rate Claims Reg.
3804/02/2013 Public Notice No. 01/2013 Daily list of Imports/ Exports pertaining to Bangalore Customs Commissionerate Reg.





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