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102/01/2022 City Tender No.02/2021 Notice inviting tender for renovation of the Customs office,4gh floor, C R Building, Annex, Queens Road, Bengaluru 560001
202/01/2022 City Tender Withdrawal Notice _ Tender No.01/2021 dated 23.12.2021
322/12/2021 City Tender No.01/2021 Inviting Tender for renovation of the Customs Office 4th floor CR Building Annex Queens Road Bengaluru.
421/12/2021 City Tender Notice 2021 - Calling for quotation for publication of In_house news letter.
509/10/2021 City Tender for e-Waste dated 08.10.2021 - Notice inviting quotations for disposal of dead Misc. IT hardware and other e-waste items.
627/08/2021 City Tender for disposal of old newspaper and magazines -2021
712/11/2020 CCO Tender Notice for Publication of In House News letter.
814/07/2020 City Tender Brindavan Magazine 2020-21
923/01/2020 City Open Tender Enquiry for House keeping services
1021/02/2019 City Tender dated 21.02.2019 House keeping services
1106/11/2018 ICD open tender for Housekeeping dated 06.11.2018
1229/10/2018 Air Open Tender for House Keeping dated 29.10.2018
1312/04/2018 City Tender Enquiry 01/2018 Vehicles
1419/10/2017 Air Open Tender for House Keeping dated 19.10.2017
1508/08/2017 Air Open Tender enquiry for house keeping services dated 08.08.2017
1621/03/2017 ICD Limited Tender dated 21.03.2017 for housekeeping services
1715/03/2017 City Tender Notice for dzire vehicle dated 15.03.2017
1815/03/2017 City Tender Notice for Innova vehicle dated 15.03.2017
1903/03/2017 City Limited Tender A Wing dated 03.03.2017
2003/03/2017 City Limited Tender PAD dated 03.03.2017
2103/03/2017 City Limited Tender B Wing dated 03.03.2017
2219/10/2016 Tender Notice for one vehicle Swift Dezire Diesel NonAC
2319/10/2016 Tender Notice for one vehicle Innova BSIV AC
2424/08/2016 City Tender Notice for three vehicles at C R Building, Bengaluru
2509/08/2016 ACC Tender House keeping services dated 09.08.2016
2615/07/2016 ACC Tender Notice Document Management System
2715/07/2015 ACC Tender Notice for Document Management System
2821/03/2016 city House Keeping Limited Tender A Wing
2921/03/2016 city House Keeping Limited Tender B Wing
3021/03/2016 city House Keeping Limited Tender Customs Division
3121/03/2016 city House Keeping Limited Tender PAD
3209/03/2016 City Tender notice to hire vehicle
3309/03/2016 City Tender Notice to hire vehicle
3417/07/2015 City Tender Notice Vehicle
3517/07/2015 Air Tender Notice Vehicle
3617/07/2015 City Tenden Notice Vehicle
3727/04/2015 ACC Open Tender for House keeping service providers Reg.
3811/03/2015 Limited Tender Enquiry 04
3911/03/2015 Limited Tender Enquiry 01
4011/03/2015 Limited tender enquiry 02
4111/02/2015 Limited Tender Enquiry 03
4224/02/2015 Limited Tender Enquiry Inland Container Depot.





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