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14/11/2018 02:04:36pm


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 ICD open tender for Housekeeping dated 06.11.2018

 Observation and Concerns regarding electronic seals used on Export Containers - Reg.

 Air Open Tender for House Keeping dated 29.10.2018

 City Public Notice No.28/2018 dated 26.10.2018 - IGST Export Refunds - extension in SB005 alternate mechanism and revised processing in certain cases including disbursal of compensation cess.

 City Public Notice No.27/2018 dated 26.10.2018 - Electronic sealing - Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded warehouses, clarification.

 City Public Notice No. 26/2018 dated 26.10.2018 - Cases where IGST refunds have not been granted due to claiming higher rate of drawback OR where higher rate and lower rate were identical.

 City Public Notice No.25/2018 dated 09.10.2018 - Electronic Sealing - Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded warehouses.

 City Public Notice No.24/2018 dated 04.10.2018 Shifting of office of EPC Central .

 City Public Notice No.23/2018 dated 25.09.2018- Sanction of pending IGST refund claims where the records have not been transmitted from the GSTN to DG Systems.

 Air office order dated 20.09.2018 - Constitution of Internal complaints as per Section 4.

 Circular - Hindi Day will be celebrated on 24.09.2018

 City Public Notice No.22/2018 dated 06.09.2018- Forwarding of samples for testing to the outside Laboratories. reg.

 CCO Public Notice NO.02/2018 dated 30.08.2018 - Designation of Appellate authority / CPIO under RTI Act

 Air Office Order No. 15/2018 dated 28.08.2018- Additional work allocation in the grade of Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of Customs Air Cargo Complex.

 Air Office Order No. 15/2018 - Air and ACC - Estt - Additional Work allocation in the grade of Deputy/Assistant Commissioner of Air Cargo Complex - Reg.

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