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 Air Notice to Public _ Appointment of approved valuers for valuing Gold_ Silver _ Jewellery _ Precious Stones and Valuable Articles etc.

 Air Public Notice No.14/2021 dated 20.04.2021 Appointment of approved Valuers for valuing Gold _ Silver _ Jewellery _ Precious stones and valuable articles etc _ Calling for nomination.

 City Public Notice No.18/2021 dated 20.04.2021 IGST Scroll failures due to invalid IFSC.

 City Standing Order No.05/2021 dated 20.04.2021 Reports on clearance of Bills of entries on odd hours.

 Air Public Notice No.15/2021 dated 21.04.2021 Miscellaneous functionalities / changes enabled in communicating ICES Advisory on Amend Role in ICES to Re_transmit Rbi _EDPMS_ Discontinuation of Printing Examination Instruction in First copy of Bill of entry Inclusion of Indo Mauritius CEPA under CAROTAR.

 Air Public Notice 16/2021 dated 23.04.2021 Import of Covid related goods _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance and safe guard against unscrupulous Importers.

 City Public Notice No.19/2021 dated 23.04.2021 Import of Covid related goods _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance and safe_guard against unscrupulous Importers.

 Air Public Notice No.17/2021 dated 28.04.2021 Operationalization of MEIS rewards in ICES for e_commerce exports and clarification on scheme code for ROSL.

 City Public Notice No.20/2021 dated 28.04.2021 Import clearance of COVID related material at HAL Airport regarding.

 Air Public Notice No.18/2021 dated 29.04.2021 Import of Covid related Goods at ACC Bengaluru _ Creation of Task Force for swift clearance.

 CCO Public Notice No.02/2021 Ad hoc Exemption No.04/2021 valid till 30.06.2021 from IGST on imports of certain COVID-19 relief material authorized by State Governments subject to specified condition.

 City Public Notice No.21/2021 dated 08.05.2021 Trade facilitation measures in Bangalore City Customs, Commissionerate during the lockdown in May 2021 in Karnataka

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COVID 19 Measures
1.BEs pending for duty payment at ACC  
2.BEs pending for duty payment at ICD
3.BEs pending for duty payment at Mangalore
4.SBs in EGM not filed queue at ACC
5.SBs in EGM Error queue at ACC
6.IECs in PFMS IFSC mismatch queue at ACC
7.SBs in SB005 and SB003 error queue at ACC
8.List of AEO entities whose validity has been extended up to 31.05.2020
9.List of SBs in EGM Gate queue at ACC
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